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Follow the bouncing ball part 2

So for nearly a decade, I have ignored the dripping faucet in the downstairs bath despite having a brand new faucet in a box beside the sink. On December 28th, I actually broke down, removed the old faucet, and put on a new one. Only, I didn’t reattach the drain or the hot and cold water feeds. So now, when the washing machine runs, it backs up into the cabinet under the sink. A one gallon bucket catches all the water from one wash load. Since this is getting old, today’s task was to replace the galvanized steel pipe with PVC pipe. Off to Home Depot!

Now, Home Depot and I have a love/hate relationship. I will actually swoon while walking its majestic aisles. Once I went to return something and ended up spending $100. For that matter, $100 is my magic number for Home Depot. See, I believe every store has a magic number. For instance, Kroger’s magic number is 50; I can’t go into Kroger without spending $50. Home Depot used to be 100. I couldn’t drive past Home Depot without a C-note blowing out the window. I love walking through Home Depot and imagining all the great things I could do if I only had the time, and the money, to spend on the materials.

Tommy made arrangements to be at a friend’s house at 2pm so that gave me an excuse to go get my PVC pipe. I walk into Home Depot and immediately see some pretty flowers that I think will make Cathy’s day if I plant them near the front door. Done. Remarkably, I find the plumbing aisle next and realize I didn’t collect enough information to make an informed purchase so after consulting with the expert employee, who this time actually knew his stuff, I was ready to replace all galvanized and wrought iron plumbing in the house; a total plumbing upgrade! Wisely, I decided that would require more planning. Next I explore the fire place supplies to see if they sell the wire brushes I need to clean the flue. Nay. I find myself in the insulation aisle pondering using solid foam on the cider block in the basement than losing living space by adding studs and R-13 or R-whatever. Skip. Finally I arrive at the dry wall aisle. Standing Home Depot rule: Don’t leave without drywall board if you are alone and have the van. That’s the nice thing about a Dodge Grand Caravan; it holds a 4×8 piece of board perfectly with the seats folded down and the driver’s seat slid all the way to the dashboard. Makes for interesting driving too. I head to the exact opposite end of the store and buy 25 pounds of grass seed, the plants, and the drywall and totally skip the reason I went there in the first place. I couldn’t leave the parking lot without buying 4 yellow LEDs from Radio Shack.

Got home and Evan and Amy helped me plant. I had some organic planting soil stored away and a bag of mulch from last season that was never opened and still in great shape. In 7 days, our muddy pit might actually have grass!