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And 4 Firetrucks Flashed at the End of My Street


Three days ago I bought a rick of wood (that’s a 4×8 tightly stacked rectangle of corded wood for a fireplace or stove). I also bought a wire brush to clean my own flue. I am having seconds thoughts about not hiring Chimney Sweeps West. That evening, as I prepared dinner, I noticed some large trucks at the end of the road. I quickly dismissed them as moving trucks and realized they were fire trucks! Racing down the street to see which house was on fire, I counted 4 trucks and saw firemen on the roof. I figured the house was a goner but the next night the porch lights were on and the interior lights were on. Perhaps it was a flue fire. Today I got the story.

Sure enough, their flue caught on fire. Rural Metro turned on their meter to the tune of $1000 per hour per fire engine. They brought four engines on the assumption that this house was going to go up quickly. The fire was contained in the brickwork of the chimney. Dry chemicals were put down the chimney but could not stop the fire. The firemen went into their kitchen, got all their cooking flour, went onto the roof, and dropped the flour down the chimney. A fireball erupted from the chimney and extended 20 feet into the air burning the life out of the flue fire. In a dramatic light show, the house was saved…well…until Rural Metro puts a lien on it for their services.