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I’m on Scottevest’s website!

Doug wearing SeVI won a Scottevest! What’s a Scottevest? Watch this video and I’ll explain. As a bonus, I’m currently on Scottevest’s website at Hint: Click the third square on the big picture just under the navigation.

You can win a Scottevest too!
Right now (ends August 8th) Scottevest is having its Summer Fun Contest (Click this link to enter!) and giving away some really cool attire including an Outback Jacket or Women’s Trench, a Travel Vest for Men or Travel Vest for Women, and a Microfleece Pullover or Women’s Q-Zip.

Click this link to enter!

Update: Bonus! I’m also one of Scottevest’s featured tweets. I owe a big thank you to Documentally for turning me onto this great company.