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Today’s Technical Issue November 13, 2004 2:23 pm

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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“String DLGASKDESTTS_MSG1 was not found in the string table.”

The solution is provide in a comment on Uninteresting.info by Gianluca Neri of http://www.gnueconomy.net:

Here’s what I’ve just found using Google Groups (God Bless Google):


The “String DLGASKDESTTS_MSG1…” error message that you received may have been caused by other running applications when you launched the Install Wizard. I suggest that when you install,

close all other applications including any applications that are running in the background. If you have an anti-virus installed in your system, temporarily disable this while doing the installation.

As an additional safeguard that will minimize the chance of having those error messages again, I also suggest you follow these instructions:

1. Please delete the Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Engine


2. Clear out the Temp folder

3. Delete the following folders (IF they exist):

\Program Files\InstallShield Installation


\Program Files\InstallShield Installation


\Program Files\InstallShield Installation


\Program Files\InstallShield Installation


Note: Please make sure you can view hidden files and folders before

trying those steps

Uninteresting.info has this to say about his stats and this error.

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