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Yesterday was my wife’s birthday

I had a very measureable goal that had to be reached for her to have a nice birthday. It wasn’t met.

I ended up doing Clown Day with pink eye. The teacher called and said, “we’ve got hand sanitizer for you and just don’t touch your face.” So if the whole first grade comes down with pink eye its my fault but I don’t take the blame šŸ™‚ For those that might not know, for the past 25 years or so when the Ringling Brothers Circus comes to town Rocky Hill Elementary’s first grade gets visited by 4 or 5 clowns. It’s a neat treat. I go to the school and spend the day teaching 1st graders how to juggling (about 3-4 will actually get it and the rest have fun throwing the balls and trying to catch them). I really enjoy getting to talk to the clowns although this year I didn’t bother them.

After that I returned for some frantic computer work amidst Comcast network outages. My goal was to give Cathy insurance for her birthday. My 2004 tax paperwork is all that stands in the way. Of course, my w-2s, 1099s et al are buried in those boxes of unopened mail. I was told that using TurboTax I should be able to do this in 4 hours. It has taken a week! Of course with my allergies in full swing and the pink eye going I haven’t been able to pull some of the late night hours that would really help.

The computer work ended when we took the family out to Digenova’s for pizza and then Noah and I rushed off to a scout meeting.

I wanted to blow this day up for Cathy. It had been on my mind for weeks.

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