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Improvised Bed Rails March 9, 2006 4:38 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life
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Evan hasn’t learned to sleep in the crib. He prefers to sleep in his swing. But sometimes he needs to sleep between Cathy and I which is nice. Sometimes he is in the bed when I want to get up and work. It was around his age that Amy fell from the bed to the concrete floor and scared me to death so I will sometimes stay in bed thinking how nice bed rails would be when I should be up working.

This morning I figured it out! The crib is near the bed so when I rose, I simply rolled the crib up against the bed forming a nice wall.

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1. Carmom - March 9, 2006

We have an extra bed rail if you would like it. I can bring it down when we come at the end of the month. Just let me know.

2. djuggler - March 9, 2006

Thanks but no need. Evan will be transitioning to the crib shortly.

3. Dean - March 9, 2006

If you put up bed rails, would Cathy be stuck in bed all day?

4. Cathy - March 9, 2006

Hey! Let’s put up bed rails!