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Rocky Hill Clown Day

Today is Rocky Hill Elementary’s Clown Day. This year Ringling Brothers came during Rocky Hill’s spring break so they missed their annual visit by the clowns. This year Daisy the Clown and Marty the Magician will be entertaining the children. I will do a brief juggling performance and then spend much time trying to teach 2nd graders how to juggle.

This event is always fun and will leave me hoarse and sore. Should make for an interesting time tomorrow when I juggle for Children’s Mental Health Week at the zoo! Tomorrow’s event is from 10am-2pm. Michael Messing will perform magic from 11am-noon (although I think he will end at 11:30). I will juggle from noon to 1pm and, for those that have seen my show, this year will be different!

The Comedy Zone is having a family day tomorrow. I was supposed to arrange to do a 10 minute juggling routine but never made contact with the right person. However, it is a smoke-free, rated G event for anyone looking to do something with the family after spending the day at the zoo–because if there was ever a day to spend at the zoo it’s tomorrow!

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