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Heathkit Hero I

I want to work for iRobot. I’ve had a fascination with lasers and robots since I was a child (thank you hands-on museums) but never pursued these interests beyond getting to play with a Hero I in high school. I used to be allowed to skip out of English class to hang in the advanced electronics class (ergo the fantastic grammar you read here).

The iRobot Verro 300 is designed for use on gunite or concrete and features a powerful hydro-jet system that power washes iRobot pool scrubberthe pool, deep cleaning pores, cracks and seams. The iRobot Verro 600 is ideal for vinyl, tile and fiberglass pool surfaces and features sturdy PVA brushes that scrub and clean the pool, while the powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system picks up and traps debris and microscopic bacteria. [Source]

I foresee underwater/webcam hacks a plenty!

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  1. […] tinkered with many gadgets as a child but it was in high school when I was allowed to skip out of my English class (1985-86) to sneak off to the advanced shop class that I was really bowled over. See, the shop class had a Hero. I had the privilege of participating […]

  2. Man, I love the idea of a roomba. Little robot vacuum cleaners. Do they clean well?

  3. They clean great! The concept is that they do maintenance and not heavy duty cleaning. To get the most out of your Roomba, do a thorough cleaning then run the Roomba each night while you sleep. Take 5 or 10 minutes each day to clean the brushes and empty the bin in the Roomba and it will do a fantastic job. It goes under couches and under furniture a regular vacuum would never reach. If you have pets, a Roomba is essential! Prior to our Roomba, Evan would crawl around on the floor and look like a lint brush. After a couple of days of having the Roomba, he was a much cleaner baby!

    I give them a high recommendation. And they run pretty quietly.

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