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The County Wide Forum Powerpoint

I had a request last night to provide the Powerpoint presentation online. It will officially reside at but until then you can download it here: community forum powerpoint. Thanks to everyone that showed up last night! Please keep the momentum going. We need volumes of people at both public meetings and once the school board votes NO to this rezoning plan, we must act as a community to help build the YES plan! Last night’s agenda is below:

APRIL 26, 2007 6:30 PM


I. Introduction (Bob Wolfenbarger)
a. Welcome and introduce organizers, recognize any officials
b. Ground rules
c. Why are we here?
d. Process is flawed – therefore result is flawed
e. Two goals of this meeting – stop rezoning and identify those who want to work for a better school system
f. Show up at the meetings on April 30th and May 2nd with signs, bring 10 people
g. If you have to leave early please leave your contact info on the signup sheet

II. Public Input (Doug and Cathy McCaughan)
a. Hand out survey sheets
b. Ask people to put their comments and questions on the survey form
c. We will tablulate concerns and pass them along to the school board

III. Strategy (Lisa Starbuck)
a. How did we get in this situation?
b. Their strategy – top down, squeaky wheels
c. Our strategy – join together to speak with one voice, take charge of our schools, start new process that will be inclusive and that will ensure buy-in from the community
d. Comprehensive planning
e. Development and infrastructure linkages

IV. Action Plan (Tamara Shepherd)
a. Explain the drivers provided by the school board handout
b. Discuss the rebuttal for each driver
c. Call and email school board members and ask to vote No, ask for new inclusive process
d. Show up at the meetings in force

V. Create Community Alliance/Review Alternative Processes (Jamey Dobbs)
a. Overview of alternative processes in other counties
b. Ask who is willing to commit to building an alliance between neighbors and neighborhood groups in different parts of the county to effect a positive change
c. Pass around signup forms or ask them to visit web site to sign up

VI. Conclusion (Bob Wolfenbarger)
a. Reiterate actions
b. Encouragement

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