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Laundry June 22, 2007 2:02 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Daily Life, Family, Of Being Dad
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Would someone kindly explain to me why bras don’t have laundering instructions on them?

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1. Cathy - June 22, 2007

Because men do the laundry so rarely.

2. LissaKay - June 22, 2007

And there is good reason for that too.


3. Barry - June 22, 2007

Because we don’t wear them. If we did, guys down the line would’ve demanded it.

4. Mark Steel - June 22, 2007

As much as most guys wanna know is personal mastery of the one-fingered removal technique … and how to toss them so that they hang around the doorknob every time — a valuable skill to possess, as it ensures never having to answer such frantic questions as “Where’s my bra?!?” (Although, we still lose the underwear)

Of course, knowing how to wash a bra greatly assisted in gaining that kind of knowlege… (and, of course, the red underwear are still problematic in that area, as well)