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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Practicing what I preach August 8, 2007 1:45 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Health, Mental, Science, Technology, Touchy Subjects
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I have bemoaned that we could get the United States onto the metric system if we started using it. You know.. put up speed limit signs that show both metric and English measurements. Of course if both the metric and English measurement appeared on the same sign, people may continue to ignore the metric. What if the English measurement sign was a half a mile before the metric. Confusion? We don’t confuse a yield sign with a speed limit sign. I think this could be worked out. Make metric the prominent measurement on all things and the English measurement the smaller. Right now my speedometer shows English measurements very large and shows metric speeds in a smaller, darker print.

What can I do? I am going to commitment myself to using metric as often as possible. I will find a thermostat for the house that displays in centigrade. When I give distances to the Scouts, they will be stated metrically first. And so forth. I know I can do this! I already drink out of two liter bottles.

Update: What is a meter?

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1. Barry - August 8, 2007

Or you could just forget about it and use miles, pounds and gallons like God intended 😉

2. Cathy - August 8, 2007

Stop drinking out of the bottle and use a glass please.

3. Carmom - August 8, 2007

Seriously… fixate on something achievable.

4. Carmom - August 8, 2007

that was Matt

5. tim - August 8, 2007

great stuff – just need to spell it right – its a litre.

6. JayMonster - August 10, 2007

Start “doing” coke instead of “drinking it”, and you will have the metric system down in no time. 😉

Oh, and for the record tim, while both liter and litre are correct. Much as Theater and Theatre are both correct. One is just more common use in the US and the other in England.