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"Murphy was an optimist!"

People come here for rezoning, earthquakes, drivers and marijuana October 13, 2007 9:45 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Blog, Publishing
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I’ve been watching my stats after installing the WordPress.com Stats plugin. It would appear people come to Reality Me to read about Knox County School Rezoning, the New Madrid fault line, the Realtek 8201 CL driver, and the marijuana cave.

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1. UJ - October 13, 2007

You’re lucky. The only search engine traffic I get is obscure state department employees doing ego searches on their own names.

2. Doug McCaughan - October 13, 2007

I kept my blog at Blogger initially because I thought that being hosted at blogspot would get you better search engine ranking since Google owns Blogger but WordPress (.org) really seems to play nice with the search engines. Of course, I tend to be a little esoteric in my posts and latching onto anything technical, like the 8201CL, is going to draw people looking for answers.

With the depth of content at ReadorAlive I’m surprised you don’t draw more search engine traffic. Are you using Google Analytics to evaluate your traffic?

3. UJ - October 13, 2007

Yeah I exaggerated a bit, I did get a little more traffic than just from Jeff Krilla (maybe he’ll find your blog!) but it’s mostly tiny things like “mi5” or “republican war propaganda.” With the unwieldiness of the subject matter I deal with, I try to get more “authority links,” that is links from other, bigger blogs that deal with the same subject. That way I can get more satisfied traffic, as opposed to the gamble of search engine traffic. I hang in a bit of a niche subject, so it’s more of a success if I get 2 satisfied readers instead of 10 random search readers. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend that strategy for all subjects.

Of course the goal of RoA is to MAKE the subject matter mainstream, and banish other, useless topics to the hellish abyss that is being “niche.”

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