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What a great day!

DHL delivered a letter today that I am very happy with its contents. The letter puts a leash on one of the monkeys on my back. AND the nice people at the IRS office (and I mean that sincerely!) confirmed my tax problem is about unfiled paperwork. Plus I closed a gaping security hole in my current project.

4 thoughts on “What a great day!

  1. So does this mean that the “nice people” will give you all the money back… and pay the bounced check charges? Sending positive energy your way!

  2. Yes! The levy is held for 21 days before moving onto the IRS as a payment. And there is a form that is to be filled out and filed within 1 year to reimburse bank fees.

  3. Congratulations! Looks like things may be looking up!

  4. Hopefully!

    “things may be looking up” I haven’t heard that since The Adventure’s Club so many moons ago.

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