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And they’re off!

The children only had a 2 day week of school. They are off for the next 5 days for Thanksgiving break. This is that holiday where we celebrate invading a foreign land only to survive the winter by the kindness of the indigenous people in return we trade them worthless trinkets for their land, kill them off with disease and pestilence, then lock them in casinos. We celebrate it by eating the bird that Benjamin Franklin wanted to be declared the symbol of this nation when in fact the pilgrims probably dined on lobster.

If you want to jump to the WKRP Turkeys Away aka WKRP Turkey Drop video, start the video below and skip ¾ of the way through to 16:30 and watch until 23:30.

As God as my witness..I thought turkeys could fly.

5 thoughts on “And they’re off!

  1. Was this supposed to be funny?

  2. I know I enjoyed it! Thanks Doug for making me smile!

  3. So aren’t you just the Blueturkey of Happiness today! 😉

  4. I just want to eat lobster tomorrow 🙂

  5. Just more typical America hating garbage from the left. I bet Obama loves this kind of hateful talk about this country. Now what is funny is how natural selection and survival of the fittest theories work great when talking about man’s supposed evolution from apes, yet the same theory applied to nations, and more specifically America, is not such a wonderful thing.

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