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Veg-o-rama is closed

Knoxville is hard on restaurants. Seems like we close them as fast as new ones open. Today I tried to take a friend to Veg-o-rama for lunch only to find the door locked (had to ask myself if today was Monday) and a KUB door tag blowing down the street. If you’ve never had the displeasure of receiving a KUB door tag, it’s basically a notice that if you don’t pay your bill by 5pm that your utilities will be turned off. The Time Warp Tearoom says they’ve been locked up for about two weeks.

To the best of my knowledge, Veg-o-rama was Knoxville’s only true vegetarian restaurant and introduced me to a variety of delicious entrees I presumed not achievable in a vegetarian dish. From their website:

Welcome to Veg-O-Rama, Knoxville, Tennessee’s only full-service vegetarian restaurant and bar. Our eclectic menu features daily specials based on as much local and organic produce as we can source. We also feature regular menu items like the Veggie Burger, Chili Dogs, and the Getting-to-be-Famous Tofu Reuben that are available all the time.


Veg-o-rama was staffed by wonderful, friendly people. The atmosphere was inviting and accommodated conversation between diners. Additionally, Veg-o-rama added to the developing character of Central Avenue which holds promise of developing into a quaint community. I hope they are simply going through a rough patch and reopen soon but I presume the worst. So, what are your favorite places to each vegetarian in Knoxville?

7 thoughts on “Veg-o-rama is closed

  1. This stinks. We enjoyed going there, as well. Sunspot offers good vegetarian options, but it’s not too convenient for us since it’s on campus. Fingers crossed Veg-O-Rama comes back.

  2. That really REALLY stinks. I was going to go there yesterday for my anniversary only to find out they’re closed. This was totally one of my favorite places in town. I have heard Tomato Head has vegetarian options.

  3. I hate to see that they’re closed, but I can’t say that I’m that surprised. None of my carnivorous friends (aside from my wife) cared much for it, and it was usually pretty empty the 5 or 6 times I’d been.

    The restaurants I eat at most frequently are Taste of Thai, Sitar, and Tomato Head. All three have great options for both vegans and omnivores alike, which I think is a little more reasonable of a business model in Knoxville. Any time I’ve gotten my friends to go to Veg-O-Rama with me, I felt like they were having to make major concessions on my behalf, which I wouldn’t want to do very often.

  4. Good picks all around! Valid point on the concessions.

  5. Just saw this today from Googling what happened to Veg-o-Rama (tried to go there today, finally, but to no avail.) I am an omnivore, but I’m longing for a Rosetta’s Kitchen (Asheville) style place here in town where I can eat good foods prepared from local goods that’s not in the old city (sorry Night Owl! I’m a cheap-o parker.)
    I’m sad I never got to try this. I’m a west-ish towner, so it was hard for me to get down there. However, if I were completely vegetarian, I’d have made the trip more often than not, I’d think, if it was as good as many people say. I really enjoy Tomato Head’s Veg options too, but I no longer work downtown so I’m there when everyone and their mom is there, and there’s usually a wait.

  6. My wife turned me onto Just Ripe at 513 Union Avenue but I haven’t checked it out yet. Has anyone tried it?

  7. Bummer, moved here to late.Wish I could of tried it

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