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* 10 yr old wants to play with the 7 yr old boys w…

* 10 yr old wants to play with the 7 yr old boys with the high school boys alone in the house. I say no. So she changes it to can I play at her friend’s house which is right beside the boys–for all I know, she’s with the boys (paranoid yes).

* 7 yr old crashes bike and does his first body over handle bars flip. Is rather shaken up. I of course immediately change the subject by yelling at him for wearing his school shoes to play in the mud–score 10 on the “bad dad” meter. I catch myself and fix things up. We have tylenol, check out the bike and go for a short ride then have some coolaid and head to the bath. “Head hurts bad.”

* 13 yr old baby sitting again.

* I decide that its time to cook dinner and a meal for tomorrow as well as some beef jerky. 7 yr old calling.

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