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* Score 1000 more on the "bad dad" ometer. 7 yr ol…

* Score 1000 more on the “bad dad” ometer. 7 yr old throws up after I gave him tylenol and coolaid….grape and fruit punch respectively. Bad idea! A cold compress and a rest on the couch would have been in order. Of course, I blow up and ask why when standing in the bathroom he has to throw up all over the floor when there is a sink, toilet, tub and trash can he could aim for (What a schmuck I am!). My mind was more on the new cabinet that I installed and the fact that I have sealed the bottom front yet where the puke is now going under the cabinet. Need to work on my sympathy and temper! To make it worse, I proceed to yell at the 13 yr old while he is holding the 19mth old. Ok.. Everyone cry! 10 yr old returns home. Corrective measures begin with my apologies to the kids. Clean up the mess. Check the 7 yr old for fever. Get the 10 yr old and 13 yr old to place nice with the 19 mth old. Remove bottom draw. Mess cleans up easily. Yelled for no good reason (there is NEVER a good reason). Will torment myself with this for a while. Must return to save older siblings from youngest.

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