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Afternoon of chaos Good amount of programming s…

Afternoon of chaos

Good amount of programming started.

The Internet went berserk and email wasn’t coming through while we were trying to get ready to leave the house for doctors appointments. 7 and 10 yr old home from school and straight to car already holding 19mth old and 13yr old (yes, car…we need a van badly Donate here) Forgetting the check for the bank, we head to doc appointment 1. Dropping all others at office, the 7 yr old and I head to McCay’s for the freebie cultural papers to help the 10 yr old with her long term school report. Stomach still feeling poorly after the dizzy episode in the bath.

Long and short, the 10 yr old finishes and we leave the 13 yr old on his appointment and go to UT’s International House (wow! nice web page) for local cultural info..kinda draw a blank although its fun forcing the 10 yr old out of her shell. We get to the info desk and the lady says “Can I help you?” so the 10 yr old looks up at me with those longing eyes and I reply “It’s your report” and physically step away. She handles herself remarkably well speaking clearly and confidentally while silently cursing my existence. We head out for our first pee emergency and barely get the 7 yr old into the Marble Slab’s bathroom. Hmm. Delimia. Should we buy something? I almost buy the wife some ice cream but that would create a living nightmare amongst the kids. Off to Sonic for dinner then back to the doctor’s office and onto rush hour traffic and another pee emergency with no where to stop. We are in front of the Cherokee County Club and I debate letting him pee on the golf course. I allow social stigma to prevent me from stopping at the Green’s house and asking for the rest room. In hind sight had they refused I could have simply let him water their shrubs and we would have saved a wet pants. It was however a good lesson that he needs to take advantage of every stop and use the rest room because when the urge comes, he goes.

We thought we had made it when we pulled over in a church parking lot and he watered a tree then upon entering the car said “Thank you God”. It was adorable!

* well, off for some quality time with the wife then a return for some late night programming.

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