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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

* I actually get up! Did not return to bed. Granted, I didn’t get up until 6:30 but I did get up!

* Bathe the 7 yr old

* The kids are in jolly moods and I’m nice to them. No grumpies!

* Return from car pool to bury the cats 2 day old mole kill (in warmer weather it would have been fly food by now) then have a “sexual responsibility” talk with the 13 yr old-topics: cleaning up after that personal activity, tissues by the bed, not leaving seminal fluid about, disease–what fun!

Last Evening

* Seems we forgot to give the 13 yr old his medicine

* The 19 mth old splits her lip just as Mom is trying to get out the door for a Girl Scout training meeting on selling cookies (which none of the other generous mother’s would donate time for). I lose my temper not because it happened but because no one cleaned up the toys. It was an irrational and unreasonable response. It bugs me that I’m such a loose cannon now-a-days. I used to choose my battles so much more carefully.

* Chaos calms and the 10yr old gets on her home work, the 13 yr old settles in bed for reading, the 7yr old works on his Daniel Boone project and I join him for some Internet research. We print a 17 page document and staple it to look like a book (I was hoping this would engage him better than loose papers) and set him down to read it. He gets through most of it before I give him a break and send him to bed to read Yu-Gi-Oh..a book that reads right to left but is printed in English.

* Cingular text messaging was down so I spend 1/2 hour on hold to get tech support to tell me its down in all markets and they don’t know why. “Could be morning before its back”

* Call Dad to wish him a happy birthday. Find out my brother got his job in South Carolina. At least someone is getting employed.

* Wife returns and we discover the 7yr old didn’t make it (in the morning he remains strongly opinioned that he did not wet his pants)

* Evening of email, chats and tv with the wife. Strong dizzy spells in bed.

* 13 yr old stayed up well past midnight masterbating. Tired dense dad goes upstairs to see what the noise is about to have 13 yr old quickly jump from the bathroom to the bed onto his stomach only to ask a stupid question “why the hell are you naked?” to get a well deserved blunt answer of “I was playing with myself” — pause — “oh, do you need to change your sheets?” which was prompted by his statement of “I had to wash my hands.” You DINKS don’t know what you’re missing!

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