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Haynes Sex Manual Anyone that’s ever worked on a car has held a Haynes Manual. Now Haynes brings you The Sex Manual I saw this on -terreus- and his text was so perfect that I want to duplicate it here.

Most sex is of the recreational variety, which is just as well or there would be even more people on the planet. Few people will admit to a lack of expertise, but as with driving there is always scope to improve on the basic technique. And also as with driving, sex is an activity which brings pleasure when skilfully exercised but can be dangerous if the risks are ignored.

The Haynes Sex Manual contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions for safer and more enjoyable sex
  • Unique advice on sex in cars, backed up by real-life stories
  • Written from hands-on experience by a well-known healthcare professional
  • Colour fault finding charts for fast diagnosis of sex-related conditions

As you would expect from Haynes, this manual contains detailed explanations of how the relevant parts work and fit together, what happens if they don’t, and what you can do about it.

The manual will enable you to:

  • maintain your tackle in optimum condition prevent corrosion of vital parts
  • understand your partner’s desires
  • decide when to call in professional assistance

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