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Amazing Baby!

I love to watch my baby! She is an endless source of amusement. She shows so much intelligence. My wife and I says she is an “old soul.”

A few minutes ago she abruptly looked up from the television and said “Where’s Mama?” Then took off at high speed down the hall. A couple of minutes later I look down the hall to see the bathroom light on and door open (we keep the door closed) so I assume the wife is in there. The baby has one of her 10 yr old sister’s socks pulled up to her elbow and in the other hand is holding the bottle of baby wash and was putting her socked hand to the open top and then touching it to her head. Although she never got soap on the soak, she was “washing” herself. I let her continue until she was “all done” and then I put the soap away and closed the bathroom door.

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