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Nothing better than breakfast!

I love to cook. I wish I had a more functional kitchen but that doesn’t stop me from having fun. My wife and I have a wonderful arrangement. I cook (make the mess) and she cleans up. I usually try to clean as I go but there is always something left to do after the meal. Of course, I remember a 2 month stint at Wendy’s in high school where I was morning shift and my best friend was closing; I made the mess, he cleaned it up; I enjoyed my job, he hated his. I must remember this and make sure the wife doesn’t hate our arrangement.

This morning I went a little further than normal. I cooked scrambled eggs, toast, sausage, and decorated the plates with orange slices and banana slices. I put out butter, ketchup, salt, pepper, grape jam, and orange marmalade. The baby giggled when she saw her plate because it was quite different than her usual mornings. She ate 2 helpings of eggs, some sausage, nibbled the grape toast but shook her head to the orange marmalade toast. We all finished our feast.

Now I’ll take a coffee for desert and decide on a direction for today.

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