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Back from the pede. Checked 3 things: 1) New rash…

Back from the pede. Checked 3 things:

1) New rash that is all over the baby’s stomach and back

Diagnosis: Negative on strep. Probably a virus. Should go away in a couple of days. Give plenty of fluids.

2) Lump in left breast

Diagnosis: Unlikely to be cancer (despite proximity to Oak Ridge). Could be an ovary is producing some estrogen (poor thing). Could also disappear. Size noted in charts. If still odd around age 4 then concerns begin. Question posed to doctor: Do we need to quit using milk that was produced from cows fed hormones? Answer: (Politically correct) no research has shown that to be a concern but you can buy special milk at some natural stores.

3) Rash on leg since summer has not gotten better

Diagnosis: Looks like eczema. Not much concern. Non-steriod topical prescribed to be used twice daily. Some samples provided.

From WebMD

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, afflicts 6% of all Americans — 15 million adults and children — with red and inflamed patches of skin that are uncontrollably itchy. The condition burdens mostly children, and although nearly half of them outgrow the condition, the rest suffer with it their entire lives.

The baby and I returned with food from McDonald’s so everyone was thrilled.

I chopped wood then headed to scouts with the 7 yr old.

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