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Scouts! Like herding cats…

There is so much I don’t know where to begin. My 7 yr old’s scout troop has 12 or 16 boys in it; perhaps more. They are all great kids! But I tell you what! I sure don’t remember 7 and 8 years old the way these guys live it. “Live!” That’s a good word because I watch these kids and wonder how some of them will “live” to see double digits in their ages. Thank goodness kids bounce!

So, because school is out tomorrow, only 8 boys show up. They are supposed to be sitting down and listening to the den leader while they earn their music badge. I lean over to another dad and say, “It looks like popcorn!” and he replies “and sounds like it too.” Because not a one of these boys can stay planted in their seat for more than a second and if they are seated they are squirming so bad that you want to take the whole group to the restroom.

After learning about different types of music, we play “musical chairs.” The game should be renamed to “last two boys standing wrestle with your butt cheeks until someone hits the floor.” The highlight was when we had 7 boys left 6 chairs. The music stopped and Miles was on the side of the circle of chairs that was blatantly all full. My son takes to the butt check wrestle with a boy that is already sitting down. The only thing is to that boy’s left is an empty chair. All my son had to do was stand up and sit down to stay in the game. Instead he continues to wrestle and Miles runs around the circle, passes my son, and sits down to his left. Hopefully a lesson was learned. It was quite funny!

The den leader wisely chooses to not play musical chairs again and switches to a sing-a-long. The group choses Old McDonald Had a Farm so 7 boys and den leader start singing while the 8th boy starts making snorting, oinking sounds to the rythm of the music. Oink-snort-Oink-snort until they get toward the end of the first verse and the music suddenly stops as the Oinker switches to Oink-oink-oink-snort-BARF. Everyone stares and someone blurts out “Looks like chocolate milk shake!” Life is good at 7!

Overall, quite a fun evening!

On the way home the 7 yr old explains to me that if I let him get run over by a car “Mom would kill you then marry you then go live with someone else and sue you. I don’t know what sue means or where I heard it but I’m pretty sure it means you tattle on someone to the president then they take you to court.” From the mouths of babes!

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