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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Amy started her day off asking for a “cookie.”

Amy sits in my lap while I blog. She’s talking up a storm. I should try to record her thoughts 🙂 Tommy and Cathy are resting well. Sarah and Noah are with the grandparents so they can go to church today.

Amy is now playing dressup. She is trying to be like her mom.

I am going to go horseback riding today. I want to be working on the yard to give Amy and the others bettering plaiying. That means lots of top soil, moving the soil, leveling the soil and planting grass at the least.

Amy is now carrying my guitar case around. She likes to use it as a chair. Just discovered it opens and is sneaking peaks. I wish I had the video camera right now.

Big girl just slide a chair out and climbed into it to sit down proper at the kitchen table for her banana and milk.

Hehe. Stressed. “Da DA. daaa daa” “Are you stuck?” “sctuuuck”


Yesterday was a wonderful day! Cathy and I became best friends again.

I took the girls in our car and the grandparents took the boys in their car and we met Cathy’s brother, his wife and 2 children (one 1 mth older than Amy and the other new born) to go for a visit at the Chattanooga Aquarium. It is definitely one of our favorite aquariums. I wish I had a photographic memory because I could write an essay from all the cute things that were said and done during out outting. The toddlers enjoyed each other and also had many jealous moments. Amy was captivated with the fish and “things” around her. She seems to be unsatiable in absorbing knowledge. Tommy remained in control having to be spoken to very few times, basically kept his good manners on, and generally stayed in good spirits. Sarah probably thought she was along for babysitting but was asked only once that I can think of to watch any of them. Noah was very happy. Cathy and I talked and held hands and kissed and made up.

Afterwards we went to Nursery on the mountain and I helped capture one of the horses that had gotten free. I enjoyed having the knowledge to capture it and lead it back to the barn. It was too busy for us to hang around and socialize. Tommy, Amy, Cathy and I in one car; Noah, Sarah and the grandparents in the other car took our own individual routes back to Knoxville. Our car load got to the house and remained only a few minutes then decided to go to a park. Tommy played and read D&D books while Amy cackled and ran between playground equipment yelling “play! play! play!” She was exhausted when all was said and done. Must say, I slept heavy with some peculiar dreams myself.

Sarah is our creative child. I discovered last night that she has used pipe cleaners to create these wonderful signs for the bedroom doors. I will have to post pictures. She did this unprompted. She has also created light switch covers.

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