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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Tommy set his watch alarm to go off at 6am. I took the watch and learned how to turn the alarm off. I left him in bed and didn’t give him medicine until 6:30am. At 6:40 I told him to get dressed. At 7 he was just finishing breakfast and as the others and I walked out the door I told him “your bus will be here shortly. I hope you are dressed.”

I dropped the others at school. Returned home to remove contraband from his backpack (in this case, D&D books and dice). And his bus picked him up moments later.

I thought I could grab a few zzs but no rest for the weary. Amy rose and I rose to the occassion. She and I had breakfast and playtime.

Wow! The cat just let Amy lean her chest into the cat. Now Amy is touching her paws and saying loudly “feet feet” oops. Her feelings just got hurt. The cat just batted her hands away–no claws.

Amy sits in my lap now am=nd we are playing a game with her hair barrette. She asks me to put it in her hair then she takes it out. Repeat.

Amy is now wrapped in a blanket that makes her look like a little Yoda. She was playing “nite nite.”


I wasn’t anywhere near a computer to be able to blog! That was wonderful!

The day started out with me tending to the children until I had to leave. I went to a friend’s ranch and we groomed a couple of horses then went riding up the side of the mountain. My friend will be 60 next week and acts like he’s 35. He and I do the aggressive riding that his wife doesn’t enjoy. Rode through this one area with these beautiful rock cliffs about 30-35 feet tall and years of garbage poured down the side. Look like a scene that Arlo Guthrie might sing about. It’d be nice to own that land and clean that area up as a place for meditation! We returned to the ranch, cleaned up the horses and shared some conversation over ice tea.

I returned home to replace the brakes on Tommy’s scooter. I’m still terribly unimpressed with the scooter’s performance and will now make efforts to have it replaced or refunded so we can get a different brand. At least he can ride it now as long as he doesn’t have to climb any hills.

After I was done with the scooter Cathy commented that “she’s not getting the chance to go out” I misinterpretted this as “let’s get everyone out of the house” and we took the crew plus one of Noah’s friends to a park. They had a blast. I had a blast! The 7 year olds and 10 year old ran all over the place. The 13 yr old sat in a tower where he had a good vantage point of the chaos but didn’t have to be involved. And Amy ran and played in the pea gravel and slide on the slides and cackled and had a great time. Afterwards Cathy, Sarah and Tommy were dropped off at Target (general merchandise) and the boys, Amy and I went to Bi-lo (grocery). Amy was so tired that she rode quietly and nicely in the cart the entire time while the boys raced up and down the isles as I sent them on errands. Even the store was good time.

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