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I have achieved a state of anxiety and panic again. The factors being: 1) no definitive income again – must acquire another contract rapidly 2) overwhelming amount of work to be done around the house 3) no plan – I should have used my planner last night. It’s almost as if I am forgetting to do something important.

The yard needs attention. The peach tree needs to be retransplanted but that probably involves a piece of heavy equipment. Parts of the yard need scrapping and leveling. The french drain needs completion which involves a backhoe and some lintels. And will lead to the repair work on the retaining wall. A word splitter needs renting (that has to happen on a Friday) and lots of wood work needs to be done. Of course, the drought has us in a “no burn” state; no burn permits are being issued. Kids bikes need work. A shed needs to be built. The bathroom drain needs to be snaked. Paperwork paperwork paperwork. More.

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