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Visited with my recruiter. Pleasant visit. I’m com…

Visited with my recruiter. Pleasant visit. I’m comfortable with how things are going.

Went to father-in-laws to pickup some stuff that wasn’t there and talked pleasantly for an hour. We discussed computers, employment, screened in porches, decks and landscaping.

On the way out of his neighborhood, I observed a news van and the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Prize Patrol delivering a check to a winner! They really do it like they show on the commercials!! I was blown away!

Went to Kinko’s for a cool copy and observed a panic over a dog dying in a window with all the windows rolled up in today’s heat. The person was found, the dog saved and many people verbally chided the offender.

Picked up dry cleaning.

Dropped off Tommy’s prescriptions.

Returned home for battles with Tommy.

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