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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

I like getting up and making something of my day; however, one in a blue moon I would appreciate getting to sleep in a few extra minutes. This thought usually happens as I am struggling to get out of bed then I feel silly later after I’m moving.

This morning I got to enjoy watching “Static” with Noah. It was an episode that included the new and old Batman which thrilled me!

Time to give Cathy her computer back.


After returning home I got dressed and had planned a few hours working in the garage and yard. Cathy was fried and needed a break from Tommy’s shenanigans so we packed up everyone except Tommy and went to the mall to play. Sarah scored some socks, we all had pretezles, Amy lost her blankie and I found it again, and overall we had a great time.

After the mall we enjoyed petting the puppies at PetSmart then were off to Bi-Lo to get 48 eggs for coloring for Easter.

At home, we boiled eggs, cooked chicken, colored eggs, Amy and I walked the neigborhood, Tommy went to his grandparents and Sarah went to midnight bowling (9pm-midnight). Cathy and I had good evening conversation.

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