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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Amy awoke at 12:30am and I couldn’t get her to settle. I tried putting her back in her bed after holding her and returning the lost pacifier, blankie (she calls it her “nite nite”), and juice but that nor the crib worked. She lay with Cathy and I for a half an hour then I moved her to the crib. She didn’t sleep well because she was up at 6 (I think she went back down) even though I turned the alarm off before it went off. Even though I frequently get up before the alarm, I still want one of these by Harris Communications.

I so wanted to sleep in today. I’m sorta thankful that I have responsibilities that make me get up. I wish I could get back to getting up and exercising. If we had carpet and it was kept clean, I would be more likely to do my stretching every morning and evening.

I am getting really strung. I have to get the art computer working again. I have to do finances today. I have to spend all day juggling. I really need to rent the snake for the pipes. I would like to help Cathy run around and empty the Project Linus boxes (Sarah says the one at school is full again).

Gave Noah Claritin again. I can’t tell if he is getting the sniffles or is having allergies again. He’s so laid back that it doesn’t seem to bother him either way.

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