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Amy is up. Cathy slept through her crying–I suspe…

Amy is up. Cathy slept through her crying–I suspect tylenol sleep aid was necessary last night. I wish she could sleep better. Our friend Tim has suggested some exercises. She should get more details from him.

When I went down to get Amy she was yelling (gleefully) and jumping up and down in the crib. Her feet must have been grabbing 10cm (4 inches) of air! She is in a talkative fun mood as is typical in the mornings. She makes my day!

As I get her out of the crib, we take a moment to study what’s in the crib and she decides “nite nite” (her words for her blankie). Her ritual is that one thing must leave the crib with her. Out of the crib she takes a moment to identify the dog “Luscy” (Lucy) and “Mama, nite nite” (Mama is asleep).

She was wearing my house slippers (looking goofy as a clown) and saying “Dada shoes. Dadas shoes.”

Dog gone this girl is smart! She was crying for a cookie so I gave her dry cereal instead and she was standing in front of the utensil drawer and started asking for a spoon. “Dada, a sfoon. Dada, a sfoon.”

She is now in her play house yammering away. She spilled some cereal and cried out “Dada, a pill!” so I ran the rescue and put the pieces of cereal that spilled back into the bowl and she was quite happy.

I could go on and on. She is so much fun to be around!

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