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Ran and got the two propane tanks refilled (that’s…

Ran and got the two propane tanks refilled (that’s the empty one from the grill and the empty reserve tank for when the one on the grill gets empty). Also checked with the tech at Cingular on a strange issue with my phone. I want to Internet research the problem before swapping the phone. Basically, the Motorola v400 I have will occasionally ring but the ring tone will be broken (silent pauses). When this happens I am unable to accept the call. I reproduced it from the house once and strangely enough while the cell phone continued to ring, the caller (the home line) entered voicemail. I’m hoping its a software issue and that a flash of the firmware resolves it.

Returned home and cooked some tasty hamburgers. Thanks to the wife for the good pattying. I timed the cooking by juggling torches. When the torches burned out, it was time to flip the burgers. And better exercise than lifting the 12 ounces of beer timer!

After eatting I rushed Noah to soccer practice and reminded him “no wrestling and no hanging on the goal posts” so as I approach the field I see him wrestling, later, the soft spoken Noah who I frequently have to command “speak up” is shouting “I wasn’t trying to kick you in the nuts!”, followed by some good spinning on the goal posts, a little more wrestling, and then as everyone did the team cheer “Go Yellowjackets!” Noah chimed “Go Yellow Butt Cracks!” He did kick the ball harder than ever and was very energetic in the practice. I’m so proud!

On the trip home Noah made no mention of the his urgent need so after he got cleaned up, the whole crew loaded up to go participate in Baskin Robbins free scoop day. I had one of those fun dad moments on the way to the mall by declaring in the car “to anyone older than 2, before you ask the question, the answer is ‘no'”. Having seen the carnival being setup in the mall parking lot earlier I knew exactly what was about to be begged for. Of course, given the challenge of figuring out a question, Tommy began chiming off a dozen questions all which the ‘no’ answer fit beautifully. Then, on que, Sarah screams “ew ew ew! Can we go to the carnival?!” A smile and a tear in my eye! Such poetry!

sidebar: I’d rather take an extended weekend to Cincinnati for Kings Island than waste money on these carnivals. However, when I lived in New Orleans we’d get one a season not a football field’s length from my house. I went to them all. I feel some guilt denying my children but I also don’t remember a 3 minute ride costing $5 a head. Dean can chime in at any time with my loss of birthday money on the nickle slide as he brought home bags of groceries from the more favorable games.

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