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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Had no desire to get up this morning. Was having an incredibly bizarre post-apocolyptic type dream and wanted it to continue. I woke just before 5am and waited for the alarm to go off then I turned off Paul Simon and returned to a deep sleep for that bizarre dream. Woke again at 6 and had the kids up at 6:08. Tommy got medicine at 6:25.

Noah stands in front of the door behind which Amy is sleeping and in that voice with no volume control starts asking me questions. I cringe.

Tommy makes no effort to get up. It is now 6:45. I removed his covers and tell him to get up. He grunts. I give a slap to the calf and he yells “Ow! What was that for?” to which I reply “you are smarter than that, you know what that was for” and he says “ok.” He remains in bed.

7:04. Carpool is late. Tommy is still in bed undressed. His bus will be here any minute.


A terrible waste of a day. No preparation for the performance this Saturday. DAMN! The Juggling Club met last night and I meant to go and solicit a partner to join me for the routine.

The morning spent getting the kids off to school then playing with Amy until Cathy got up. Not long after that I had to go check Tommy out from school for his psychologist appointment. Doctors schedule their appointments back to back which is unrealistic it; I find it comparable to airlines double booking. Doctors are always behind schedule because someone is going to run over, or a phone call is going to cause a delay, or a bathroom break, or other reason. We typically start 15 minutes late. If doctors padded their schedule in anticipation of these delays perhaps they would have fewer late starts. I don’t really mind of course because Tommy’s psychologist is very good and has helped Tommy along greatly. During the appointment I moved everything in both Cathy’s phone and mine onto the sim cards in anticipation on trading up from the motorola v400 to the v600.

After Tommy’s appointment I had intended to run by the bank then drop Tommy off at school but he needed lunch. I still could have done the bank but forgot and brought Tommy home. I checked email then got hot pockets cooked for Tommy, Cathy and I. I did the final phone to sim card transfers at the house then took Tommy back to school.

From the school I drove to Cingular to find out that to trade the phones I needed a few more parts (the books, the power supplies and preferrably the boxes – which I threw away because Cingular had told me “we aren’t getting the v600s”). Next I went to the bank which is always stressful in these no income times.

From the bank I went back to the psychologist to pick up the forgotten doctor’s note for the school.

I then returned home with frustration building. As I sat on the computer and checked email, my frustrations grew to the point of being debilitating. As 5:30 approaches I’m finally getting into gear and in the “resume/programming/work” mindset and Tommy runs out of gas in the mower and complaining that the gas container is empty. I explain that there is another gas container in the driveway but that I want to be the one to pour from that one (It’s easy to make a mess with it). I am also trying to plan and cook dinner so that it is ready at 6pm tonight and I’ve just come from the freezer having read the instructions on the Cashew Chicken and Stir Fry Vegetables that will be our dinner. As I start out the door to fix Tommy’s problem Cathy asks “Why don’t you take that invitation and deliver it?” She is referring to the last birthday invitation for Noah’s party which I had planned on dropping off tomorrow morning in conjunction with car pool since the boy’s house is right near the school. The source of our miscommunication: I felt we had discussed this multiple times and had made a decision that was now being changed at a critical time in my day. Cathy innocently felt she was making the most of my trip to the store to buy gasoline which is what Tommy told her I was doing. Rather than discussing it with her, I stomped out of the house and delivered the card. On the return I bought milk. Overall the unplanned trip wasn’t a bad thing.

Dinner (rice, cashew chicken and stir fry) was prepared and enjoyed with minor complaints from the Picky Eatter Club. Kids bathed and put to sleep. Cathy and I lounged in bed.

Did not get resume and cover letter sent. Did not do any programming.

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