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This Morning

Want to slip into a panic attack but I keep talking myself out of it.

The father-in-law’s preacher told a story on Sunday and the father-in-law recounted it to me. I’ll try to convey it the best I can.

The preacher has always had his paychecks delivered to the middle drawer of his desk. He didn’t want anything more interaction than that. He simply knew on payday the check would be in his desk. The church gets a little modern and starts using direct deposit so now on Friday at 12:01am his check will be deposited into his bank. As he has some bills to pay this makes him nervous. He begins to worry. And on Tuesday goes online to check his statement only to find the check has not been deposited. On Wednesday he finds the same. His worry continues and on Thursday no money has been deposited. He decides to set his alarm for 12:01am Friday and get up to see if the money is there. Just before going to bed he changes his mind and resets the alarm to its normal time in the morning. Friday morning after waking up at his normal time he checks his account and sure enough the money is there.

He worried Tuesday and nothing happened. He worried Wednesday and nothing happened. He worried Thursday and nothing happened. He learned that things happen when they are supposed to happen and all the worry in the world is not going to change that.

Ironically before his worry began he was preparing a surmon on "worry."

I have been worrying too much and the worrying has been impeding my productivity. Time to let things happen when they happen.

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