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Wow! I could spend the next two hours just writing stuff here.

Instead writing deep Pulitzer stuff I’ll just summarize the evening by saying the whole family took Tommy to STAR and no Noah doesn’t have his booster seat as required by law and yes Sarah rode in the middle of the front seat with a lap belt because that’s how we fit. Teach me don’t tell me! That’s the difference between freedom and a police state.

Tommy’s is getting wacky during his sessions again which basically means he’s got a new teacher and he wants to see what he can get away with. While the other riders sat still and calmly on their horses, Tommy laid down on his, clowned around with his stops by leaning backwards, removed his attention from his riding to seek us out and wave at the family, and was disrespectiful and rude to the handlers. What does he gain by acting that way? He has everything to lose and not to gain…why would he sabotage himself?

I’ve had a productive day. Everyone is tried and cranky. I think its time to relax .. maybe a couple of tasks first.

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