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Poem – On Stage

Oh It’s like a game.

The Teachers try to teach

     the meaning behind Arthur’s play

But it is cruel.

The Teachers know the rules.

We cannot be told until after school

But when the final bell has rung

We are gone and a new class has begun

     That cannot be told until after school.

So while in class we ponder the moral behind Arthur’s play

     So we can make our report and make an A.

Then after school has come

     And we are eager to get out and have our fun.

But no one is there to remind us that Arthur’s play has begun.

We get out and make our calls to impress the Boss

     And all the while Cliff’s notes sit at home.

Why do we not remember the moral of the play

     from day to day after school?

Then sometime when it is far too late

     Perhaps sitting in a bar being contemplative

We will think of Arthur’s play

     And recognize our after school fate.

Arthur tried to teach us early

     That we are all destined to play a role.

     And we shall all be Willy in his Play.

-DM 4/31/98

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