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C-SPAN Shows Boobs!

You heard right! On the Briefing on MediaWise Video Game Report Card (Nov 23) Unfortunately C-SPAN only keeps the video archive up for 15 days. It’s an hour long and exceptionally presented. The discussion is about how to keep “immoral” and violent video games out of our children’s hands. Although I do not agree with all their points, the speakers deliver their message very well. We have all been faced with our children asking to play Grand Theft Auto and we can deny them but what happens when their are at their friend’s house? It is up to us as parents to instill a sense of right and wrong in our children, an understanding of reality versus pretend, and to openly discuss with our children what we want them to do or not do with the choices we can expect them to need to make (games, sex, shoplifting, drugs, laws and so on). I enjoyed hearing David Walsh speak.

Click here for a screenshot (not work safe—well, it was on C-SPAN) Fleshbot has other screen grabs.

The Guy Game

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