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I love this time of year!

I went out last night around midnight in jeans and no shirt to collect kindling for the fire. The air was crisp. The sky cloudless and the moon full or nearly full. I stood on the stump 2.5 feet of what was once a tree that must have stood 100 feet tall–that is until I climbed it and cut it down. Now there is a small clearing in my yard where I can stare up at the moon and see the leafless trees around me reaching up toward the sky as if they were placing the stars on the sky as decorations. There is a chill in the air but I am not cold. Nature’s energy abounds and brings serenity. The ground glows in the moon light and man’s modern contraptions and technologies seems unusual silent tonight. Nature itself is peaceful. Few dogs bark. The coons are not shuffling about. The hoot owl is silent and there is no drone of crickets. I breath in deeply through my nose and stare up at the moon to break the still air with a hushed “hello mother!” What a beautiful night.

Tonight is the same and I had to sit on the retaining wall of the driveway and simply enjoy and revel in nature’s beauty. I would enjoy a backwoods camping trip right now.

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