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Chore Sheets Be Gone!

Poor Noah. He went outside again today unprompted to “bury poop” as that used to be a chore worth money on the chore sheets. He came in and hours later said, “where’s my chore sheet?” Cathy removed them weeks ago because no one was paying any attention to them!

Noah is a wonderful child. He contributes to the family without prompting and is genuinely a good boy. He has the smarts and charisma to be a great leader but I fear he allows himself to be victomized by his peers. It is hard not to contribute that to actions on his brother’s part. When Tommy acts up, Noah retreats mentally. It’s as if his whole body shrinks some. He doesn’t have to physically hide because when Tommy is having a blowout everyone else goes unnoticed. So, I can imagine that if a peer acted a bit like Tommy and noticed Noah’s retreat then they could conceivably gain influence over him. Noah is also attracted to other children that act like Tommy. It is what he knows.

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