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Excellent Santa Pictures

After Tommy’s rough start I expected the whole mall experience to be horrible. Fortunately we chose to see Santa at East Town Mall (now East Town Centre) and everything went smoothly. The Santa was Disney perfect! Could not have asked for a better Santa.

At one point I wanted to show Amy what to expect. Our conversation went like this:

D: “Who is that?”

A: Seeing the toy in the elf’s hand “Elmo!”

D: “Yes, but who is that?” Pointing.

A: “Santa!”

D: “Will you sit in Santa’s lap?”

A: Shakes head no.

D: “Are you going to tell him what you want for Christmas?”

A: “Yup!”

D: “What do you want?”

A: “Lots of presents.”

Santa: Leans over and whispers toward the baby’s ear. From our prespective we see his mouth move and his beard rub the baby’s head.

A: Laughing. “Santa eatting baby!”

I about died laughing!

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