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Violence Good — Sex Bad

I can’t believe we would take a person to impeachment over a blow job but Hitleresq type behavior well documented just doesn’t seem to fire people up.

The government(through a bill introduced in July 2004 by Georgia Representative Max Burns) is now trying to get Interstate 3 in place. This would destroy much beautiful natural area in the Southeast. The Smoky Mountians are dying due to auto polution and Interstate 3 would potentially run through Deal’s Gap (yes, killing the favorite spot of motorcyclists). The Interest proposal is named for war (3rd Infantry Division Highway) and based on war (to better connect our military bases – “(1) linking defensive installations across the South, including Fort Gordon, Eisenhower Army Regional Medical Center, the Augusta Veterans Administration Hospitals, Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, and the Port of Savannah, “which is in the strategic defense interest of the Nation.” “).

I find it funny that we are massively closing military installations yet now we want to develop a new Interstate that will cause severe damage to the ecology that attracts people to the South. Now let’s look at the bigger picture. What we are really doing is creating a straight shot from Oak Ridge TN (source of bunker busters, depleted uranium, and other nuclear weapons) to the ocean.

Conspiracy minded today? Just wait until I have made my deadlines and can sit down to draw up my conclusions that Interstate 3 is related to the depletion of the world oil supplies and that the Alaska drilling will be totally for military support.

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