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Ahoy Web Developers

I just upgraded AIM to version 5.9.3861 and received the following option:

AOL Explorer – The next generation in Internet browsing helps stop spyware, block pop-ups, save time with tabbed browsing and thumbnail navigation so that you can enjoy a more secure and convenient web surfing and AIM Today experience.

I did not install it on this machine so I cannot evaluate AOL Explorer yet but you can bet it will be on my development workstation!

PCMag covers the review.

…you may find yourself tempted to adopt AOL Explorer. It’s prettier than Microsoft Internet Explorer, easier to use than Firefox, and cheaper than Opera.

On the negative side of things it looks like us web developer types are going to have yet another brower to support and test for compliance. Or not!

…it requires Internet Explorer 6, the core beneath the glam front end…

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