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Energy, Vitamins, and No Jitters

My Zipfizz arrived yesterday! Thank you Shae!

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of stimulants to get a false second wind. In high school it was Cokes, Mellow Yellow and Mountain Dew. In college, I discovered coffee since it was free and the Coke machine at my night job was eatting my paycheck. I became a caffeine junkie. In addition to coffee, ephidrine, white cross and jolt cola occasionally came into the mix but often would over-stimulate me into being completely unable to focus on the studying or cramming.

Post-college was a diet of coffee and cokes and I mean gallons! At my peek, I was drinking two pots of coffee a day – one in the morning and one about 8pm at night. The world constantly shook until one day I cut cold turkey. Zero caffeine! Even my herbal teas were decaf. After experiencing the pleasures of a caffeine free world I allowed myself to return to a maximum of 400mg of caffeine a day but typically staying around 150mg.

I intentionally stayed away from energy drinks because the enourmous amounts of caffeine and sugar brought back sickening memories of chugging jolt cola after jolt cola. Then Zipfizz came. It has a minor amount of caffeine in it from the guarana seed and a couple of sweetners I haven’t checked out yet but everything else looks very healthy! The taste has some acridity to it but not as bad as other health drinks I’ve sampled. I personally find it pleasant and easy to drink; my wife didn’t like her first taste of the berry flavor; the 3 year old demanded a sip and said, "it tastes pink." I did feel good, energized and focused after each drink of Zipfizz and it was long lasting. Physiological or psychological? I don’t know.

I give Zipfizz a high recommendation.

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2 thoughts on “Energy, Vitamins, and No Jitters

  1. Try the orange…’s the best! And if it’s too strong I just keep adding water as I drink it to get it where I want it. I make it with lots of Ice too! I have been hooked for almost 2 years now….No jitters! Enjoy ~ Jill

  2. I’ve tried them all. And I agree, the orange is very good!

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