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WYSIWYG editor choices

Almost every web application I write has some form of content management piece. People have come to expect MS Word style functionality at no additional cost. Naturally it would cost a fortune to build an editor from scratch so thank goodness we have the open source community! For eons I used Ezedit but this eventually evolved into ActiveEdit with a pricetag. I switched to FCKEditor (those are the author’s initials you dirty minded people) but was disappointed with the difficulty I had integrating it with each new site plus I couldn’t get it to work well with FireFox. I changed to TinyMCE and have been thrilled but started searching around for the greener grass. I found this outstanding chart that every developer must bookmark which gives me the confidence that TinyMCE is the greener grass!

As a sidebar, both Drupal and WordPress use TinyMCE.

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