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Breaking Down Handicap Barriers – Braille Playboy

So, I accidentally came across a reference to a Playboy magazine in Braille published by none other than The Library of Congress! Hoax radar went off so I started prodding around. Snopes turned up nothing. Then I found more pictures (safe for work) complete with a reference to eBay removing the item citing “mature audiences.”

My next stop was The Library of Congress to see their January-February 2006 Braille Book Review and sure enough, there sits Playboy! I found references dating back to March of 1997.

The following is a list of braille magazines in the Library of Congress program. Readers may obtain free personal subscriptions to these magazines. …

This page includes Web-Braille links to full-text braille versions of magazines. …

Isn’t it every young man’s dream to have a 3-D version of Playboy?

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  1. […] We should not be creating laws to make up for bad parenting! Parents should be talking to their children. The Internet is a reflection of the real world and while we can keep our children from seeing adult magazines and movies in our own houses that does not prevent them from going to a friend’s house, cracking open a beer, sitting down with a Playboy magazine (since it makes you go blind, nice of them to publish in Braille), and watching a hardcore sex dvd. Only through talking to our children and teaching them can we give them the tools to make the right choices and police themselves. […]

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