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Are you smart?

I had fun with this test. Got 16 17 18 19 20 out of 33 (without cheating) before I had to give up and get back to work. I think I can get to 19. Is this really a mensa test? I don’t know. But it is fun!

According to MENSA, if you get 19 + of these, you are a “genius”.
Only 2 MENSA members achieved full marks. See how well you do.

6 thoughts on “Are you smart?

  1. 26/33 so far(without cheating). This can’t be a MENSA test ’cause I aint that smart. The real reason that I’m telling you my score is because I know it will make Doug spend the rest of the day trying to get to 27 🙂

  2. Crud! I was just about to give up.

  3. Great. Now he’ll be on the quiz all day.

  4. well, I’m at 29 so far without cheating. I’ll work on the other four as the day goes on.

  5. 29. This thing is out there for the ad revenue. I quit and found that of the remaining 4, 2 are specific to foreign sports, one was biology, and one was patriotic. If I gave it another week, I may have gotten the biology and patriotic ones.

    Try the real thing:

    I got 23 out of 30 within the time limit and feel damn good about it.

  6. […] Here is a site with the answers to the “Are you smart” post. Of the ones I didn’t get, all but 2 I should have figured out. […]

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