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DeadRising Wii Feedback Needed

dead-rising-wiiNoah just upgraded from 12 years old to 13 years old. He went into Target with his birthday money and came out with a Wii game called "Deadrising – Chop Till You Drop" The kids play first person shooters but Tommy brought one home from a friend’s house once that had so much foul language that I had to ban it from the house. I like to keep violence in check with the children. I am realistic about it. Play acting or gaming violence is part of being a kid. Today’s games do have the opportunity to be far too graphic. This one is rated M for mature and says 17+. The element are "blood and gore," "intense violence," and "language." I have more hesitation on this one because the Wii is in the common area, it is likely to be seen by the 4 and 7 year olds.

So, my gaming friends, do I let the 13 year old keep this game or force him to return it and buy something less violent and graphic? Having the Wii spewing out profanities is probably my biggest concern.

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Bored? No glue? Got some change?

No glue

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by creative people who always had a challenge at hand. Naturally, I didn’t have hand held video games (well there were those led football games dweet dweet dweet), iPods, and other such fancy things to keep us occupied. So, when we found ourselves with a long wait, like at a restaurant, I would be handed 65 cents and challenged to balance a nickel upon a quarter then a dime on the nickel and finally a second quarter upon the dime. This challenge still amuses me today and I find it both relaxing and rewarding to succeed with the balancing act.

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Has anyone won anything on Blingo lately?

Our household use to average a Blingo movie ticket or iTunes gift card at least once a month. We haven’t won anything for about 3 or 4 months now. Did PCH destroy Blingo (which now claims to have $1000 Thursdays) or has it just become that popular that the odds of winning dramatically reduced?

On a side note, you can sure tell it is a Friday afternoon in the blogosphere. Comments on No Silence are dwindling down. Of course, it looks like Michael might have two simultaneous threads running. I suppose all that needs to be said has been said but I don’t believe that.