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Firefly Season 2 Project

For you Firefly fans that are still seeking a season 2, Browncoats Rise Again may not be taking donations but The Firefly Season 2 Project looks to be encouraging a pay per episode approach.

see also: Firefly Fans Create Website for 2nd Season and Browncoats Defeated…again

UPDATE: A discussion regarding Firefly Season 2 Project. And this one which claims “We intend to license the Firefly Intellectual Property from Fox, produce the show on our dime, and sell to the highest bidder.”

3 thoughts on “Firefly Season 2 Project

  1. […] The Browncoats have a discussion on this topic. Could be Underhill is just trying, and successfully, to get press for his company. I mentioned Underhill’s effort on Jan 23. See other Firefly posts. […]

  2. I have become addicted to the aesthetic of Firefly, Serenity and its crew. I need more.

  3. jude and i too – its an awesome series

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