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Browncoats will rise again!

One year ago almost to the day, the web was filled with this quote:

"There’s no sequel, no secret project regarding Serenity or somesuch and I’m not even sure how anyone thought there was talk there. So let’s put that to bed and smother it with a pillow" says Whedon. [Source, WHEDONesque, a community weblog discussing the work of TV maker Joss Whedon]

So, it is not without irony that today we get the announcement of a possible Serenity 2.

According to the guys over at Moviehole, Tudyk told them that a sequel could be happening. … the way Tudyk talks it sounds like the entire cast would be more than willing to come back. That includes Nathan Fillion, the crew’s intrepid Captain Tightpants. [Source, Cinema Blend]

Coincidentally, I was listening to the Serenity soundtrack on XM’s Cinemagic just the other day thinking it is about time to re-watch Serenity. I would really love to see another movie! Somehow I doubt we will ever seen Serenity 2. I really wanted to see the series continue because it seemed like they had some serious subplots setup that needed to be played out. I didn’t realize Alan Tudyk played Sonny in I, Robot! (Are they really considering a sequel to I, Robot?!)

Psst. Glenn, Ben..over here.

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Can’t stop the signal!

Joss Whedon said Firefly is no more and we have seen all kinds of drama and hype yet the fan base shows no sign of slowing. Fans have even created their own documentary. How will the series continue on? Look for an announcement today that Firefly will be turned into a MMORPG. Move over World of Warcraft! We have Reavers to fight and smuggling to do!

Multiverse, maker of a free MMO-creation platform, plans to announce Friday morning that it’s struck a deal with Fox Licensing to turn the show into an MMORPG in the fashion of Star Wars Galaxies or Eve Online. [Source]

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Can’t snuff the Firefly

The series ended abruptly with no closure. Through fan support Serenity the movie was spawned to bring closure. It did poorly in the box office with $38 million in ticket sales not clearing the $39 million production budget. Why?! DVD sales helped. The fans begged for more. Whedon has declared Firefly over. Now Universal sues to fan to stop promoting Firefly/Serenity. So, now the fans are billing Universal for time spent promoting the movie.

See also and also. Expect a take down notice on this so if you like it download it with keepvid. Of course, there is a wikipedia entry.

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Time to watch Serenity again

Serenity is being used to promote gender equality.

The move is a direct effort to help raise funds for Equality Now, one of writer/director Joss Whedon’s favorite charities.

Equality Now is an international organization which works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure.


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Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly) Speaks on the Future of TV

From a recent contribution by Joss Whedon to regarding the future of television. First, on great series:

Lost has that one-of-a-kind alchemy that really can’t be copied. Therefore, look for the original series Misplaced, as well as Unfound, Not So Much with the Whereabouts and Just Pull Over and Ask!

And technology:

TiVo, iPods, streaming video — the way we watch TV is changing dramatically. It’s on our phones, in our cars — even projected on specialized eyeglasses. But don’t listen to the talk about having shows beamed directly into your brain. That’s science-fiction nonsense. Shows will be stored in the pancreas and will enter the brain through the bloodstream after being downloaded into your iHole.

He hints to the evolution of Firefly but for that you’ll have to read the article.

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More on Firefly Season 2

Joss Whedon has never heard of Ace Underhill.

Underhill said in an interview: “If [Joss] contacts me and says, ‘Hey, we’re not interested in Firefly anymore’ or ‘I’m not interested in Firefly anymore,’ then I will abandon the project

Underhill wants to do a pay per view model. That would be downloads to video ipod, pay per view television, etc. That model concerns me that the success would be limited.

Underhill added that he has contacted members of the Firefly/Serenity cast and had received a few rate quotes from agents, but he declined to say who. He acknowledged that he had not yet heard from Firefly/Serenity star Nathan Fillion.

The Browncoats have a discussion on this topic. Could be Underhill is just trying, and successfully, to get press for his company. I mentioned Underhill’s effort on Jan 23. See other Firefly posts.

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Firefly Season 2 Project

For you Firefly fans that are still seeking a season 2, Browncoats Rise Again may not be taking donations but The Firefly Season 2 Project looks to be encouraging a pay per episode approach.

see also: Firefly Fans Create Website for 2nd Season and Browncoats Defeated…again

UPDATE: A discussion regarding Firefly Season 2 Project. And this one which claims “We intend to license the Firefly Intellectual Property from Fox, produce the show on our dime, and sell to the highest bidder.”

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Browncoats defeated…again

Earlier I posted about a fan based effort to create a second season of Firefly. I just dropped by to see the progress and was disappointed, albeit not surprised, to find this statement:

No more donations are being taken at this time!
We are in the process of returning all donations received. We came up against insurmountable odds and legal issues launching our fund-raising drive.

If the money is buring a hole in your pocket, please buy a DVD. Firefly (amz) and Serenity (amz) sales at this time will further our cause. We will continue the fight to re-light Firefly using other methods. Thank you for you support in our first 36 hours of activity.

Let’s make sure Lost keeps high ratings!

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Firefly Fans Create Website for 2nd season

BoingBoing alerts us that FireFly fans have created a website to raise money for a 2nd season (brilliant design blares sound so you might want to turn off your speakers). Last night they had raised $346. This morning they report that they’ve raised $840. Wish I could earn money like that! But for Whedon they have a long way to go ($24 million is the target – I only want $125k for myself). The site shows this quote:

“As long as I was able to service the characters with integrity and had enough money so that I wasn’t hampered, then I would love to return Serenity to TV. I love that universe; it continues and those characters live on. There could be a series, there could be a miniseries, there could be all sorts of things. I’m not ruling anything out. I’ll let it simmer for a while and see if anyone calls.” -Joss Whedon

Firefly (amz) and Serenity (amz) were awesome. I think we can help the cause by purchasing as many DVDs of the series and movie as possible and create a larger fan base. I have little optimism that the show or even another movie would ever come about. Here’s hoping! Of course, wouldn’t it be ironic if a second season started then was cancelled?