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Lost Tidbits

tidbit – That’s a cool word!

It wouldn’t be a day without some reference to Lost. I found what claims to be the transcriptions of the whispers! Pretty cool. This link surfaced in a review on Ray Camden’s site.

4 thoughts on “Lost Tidbits

  1. Lost Tidbits…

    Lost Tidbits…

  2. I don’t understand those whispers…I remember those sounds in the jungle, but did they really say all that?
    I wasn’t impressed w/ the last episode.
    And I thought they were really hard on Charlie. Everyone else can have hallucinations and think freaky things, see horses, dead fathers, but he can’t do see things, and what’s up w/ Locke, he’s getting out of character it seems and being mean instead of the ‘sage’.

  3. This episode seemed to be a bridge to me. I think it was necessary to set up what is coming. Is Charlie now sufficiently ostracized to betray the survivors defensive and offensive plans to the pirates? Anna Lucia and Jack were not flirting as was assumed. I am certain they are planning/building defenses and discussing the training of their “army.”

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